New Writing Nights and 'Pals Like Us'

Director & Producer: Samuel Bossman

Producer: Pre Krystle

Filmed & edited: Chris Jackson

Live-stream: Charlie Price

Photography: Thomas Compton

Designer: Bella Jackson-Moss

Writers: Alexandra Taylor, Andy Moseley, Daniel Williams, Matthew Kong, Jessica Lovett and Louie McKenna.

Performed by: Samuel Bossman, Stuart Ash, Pre Krystle, Claire Jones, Ameil Hart and Tembi Xena.

How it all started.

Created in reaction to the lack of opportunities for Birmingham and Birmingham-based creatives. With many new exciting regional artists and creatives overlooked by artistic institutions for 'same old same old' revivals and London-based talent. Led by artistic director Samuel Bossman, we created a new ambitious platform to highlight local creatives and talent in Birmingham. By connecting the dots of the grassroots and emerging creative scene we were able to highlight new exciting voices representative of the community. Performing at the legendary Digbeth cinema The Mockingbird, we used affirmative action to feature and platform diverse global majority Brummie and Midlands-based talent.

Following this activity, Louie McKenna’s “Pals Like Us” was selected for the One Act Festival in London. Taking the same cast from the original production, we performed at the Stockwell Playhouse, where the production was reviewed by The Stage critic Paul Vale. The nights led to a new generation of new work and opportunity among grassroots Birmingham creatives, with many of the creatives going on to work with the BBC, Netflix and careers in the industry. Unfortunately, with no funding available, despite our success, we were not able to continue with the new writing nights.

Director: Sheikh Shahnawaz

Producer: Samuel Bossman

Filmed by: Chloe Deakin

Designer: Bella Jackson-Moss

Live-stream: Charlie Price

Writers: Alexandra Taylor, Majid Salam, Abdul Kayum, Daniel Williams and Jaz Morrison.

Performed by: Samuel Bossman, Pre Krystle, Michael Mihoc, Tembi Xena and James Jaysen Bryhan.

New Writing Night #1
New Writing Night #2
Pals Like Us

Images by Thomas Compton from Night #1